Continuous Sitting Can Causes Nearly 4% Of Deaths; Researchers Said

sitting cause death

Sitting per day above 3 hours can cause about 4% of mortality deaths in the planet, relating to a new analysis of surveys from 54 states.

The research advises decreasing sitting time to below three hours daily would improve life expectancy by an average of 0.2 years. To correctly evaluate the damaging effects of sitting, the research analyzed behavioral studies from the 54 countries over the planet equaled them with statistics on population size, actuarial table and overall deaths.

Scientists from Brazil University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine discovered that sitting time considerably affected all-cause mortality, accounting around 433,000 or 3.8% of all deaths in 54 countries in the study.

They also found that sitting had the larger effect on mortality in the Western Pacific region, followed by European, Eastern Mediterranean, South Asian countries and American severally.

That kind of information is vital to determining the effect sitting has on our lives, mostly in light of recent research that reveals prolonged sitting connected with an increased risk of death, irrespective of activity level, researchers said.

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