Election Commission grants Kerala permission to roll out the policy of giving free rice

The ruling Congress-led UDF in Kerala on May 16 legislative elections to strengthen the Election Commission free rice supply project, which the state government announced the implementation of its budget for 2016-17 has given her nod.

25 kg of free rice scheme under which the EC before the model code of conduct on the eve of the announcement of the coming into force this month to the poverty line (BPL) families will be provided under the government restrained from rolling out of the March 4 elections.

Clear plans call for the Commission, but on the condition that a new person is added to the list of beneficiaries should be the state chief electoral officer’s office, sources said.

The government of BPL families through ration shops and Antyodaya Anna Yojana tribe has come under the free distribution of rice.

EC said ministers or MLAs should not take part in the ceremony for the distribution of rice is expected.

EC directive plan to prevent it from crashes, the state government last month appealed to the EC to permit it to go ahead with it, the decision to provide free rice was adopted before the announcement of the election was saying.

The government said it is exploring legal options if the EC did not allow the plan to be implemented.

The ban came a few hours after the Commission’s decision to move to the state cabinet, the court can not be resolved if the clearance is given.

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