Google Search with support for 400 diseases for the introduction of health cards in India

NEW DELHI: India’s health-related search, Google is an easy-to-read graphic or “card” of the 400 cases for the results. India is the third country after the United States and Brazil is to get this feature.

Run a Google search for a disease to a panel, which Google calls “card” along with the usual fruit. It’s an example, the main symptoms, diagnosis, lab tests for the most affected age group, and indicate the need for carrying a contagious disease is in other kinds of information. Worldwide, according to Google, search for her on the platform, one of the 20 that are related to health.
Health cards in the US last year, and was rolled out in Brazil two weeks ago. Cards are available in India, Hindi and English languages. Google officials say they feature more local languages, and more are working on the introduction of health conditions.

“This is just to verify medical information, it is not a substitute for a doctor,” said Prem Ramaswami searching Google product manager.
Google eaiaiemaesa Apollo Hospital in India for this feature has worked with Columbia Asia Hospital.

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