Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard is Now Available for iPhone

word flow keyboard for iphone

Microsoft introduced its Word Flow Keyboard app back in 2014 with windows 8.1 and it was limited to windows phone. Earlier there was a rumored that the company is testing Word Flow Keyboard app for iPhone and now Microsoft finally made the app for iPhone.

This keyboard for iphone from Microsoft brings some new features such as custom background and one handed Arc Mode. The Word Flow Keyboard is now available to download for all iphone users from App Store.

The biggest highlight of this keyboard app is it’s one handed Arc mode that helps users to type and switches the keyboard UI into circular layout in corner of the screen very easily. The Arc mode can be enabled by pulling the Arc icon from the top right or top left corner of the keyboard to adjust right left handed Arc mode. The word flow keyboard is optimized for iPhone and supports English language only.

For personalization, this app allows users to add background image from the images included in the app or an image from photo gallery.

Also it has some other features include predictions that predict the sentence and with access to contacts. Word Flow app can predict the name of contacts while sending messages or mails.

The company says on its support page that the Word Flow Keyboard for ios is an experimental app and currently available in the US only.

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