Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Washington to attend the two-day Nuclear Security Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Washington early Thursday a two-day nuclear security summit where world leaders from more than 50 countries from the threat of nuclear weapons and materials to assess their share is expected to attend.

Modi hosted a two-day visit to Washington, including President Barack Obama is scheduled to interact with a number of world leaders.

For the first time to attend a nuclear security summit, Modi is expected to lay out his vision of a nuclear weapons secure.

In 2014, after the United States and the Prime Minister Mr. Modi’s third visit Washington in the second.

In September 2014, Modi’s visit to the United States and met Obama at the White House. A year later, which took him to New York and Silicon Valley in the United States made its second trip.

Washington still did not disclose the details of his schedule, however, scientists from the corporate world meetings throughout the day, which range from bilaterals with community leaders, heads of state, and is expected to hold a series of top executives.

Modi’s John Key, New Zealand Prime Minister and laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory on Thursday after a meeting with (LIGO) is scheduled to meet with the scientists.

As the Indian-American community, which has been a trademark of his foreign trips, there are no public engagement, and from near Washington, said a large number of Indian Americans, despite the tight security would stand outside her hotel to get a glimpse of Mr. Modi.

Prime Minister’s official summit began in the evening, when he moved down the drive to the White House for a dinner in honor of world leaders to attend the nuclear security summit hosted by President Barack Obama would attend.

No Modi-Obama meeting, the two sides have yet to be announced, but the two leaders over the next two days to discuss interaction and is expected to get more than one chance.

“For the safety of nuclear power caused by the threat of nuclear terrorism summit to deliberate on important issues would be.

Leaders discuss global nuclear security architecture to strengthen the measures, especially to ensure access to non-state nuclear material will not be, “Mr. Modi said in a statement before leaving the current three-nation tour of Belgium, the US and Saudi Arabia.

Joint Secretary (Disarmament and International Security Affairs) Amandeep Singh Gill, the Indian National Progress Report of the summit, said the summit will be aired.

Prime Minister to intervene in this discussion is an important step on the actions we have taken to strengthen nuclear security will underline something.

“India hopes that the summit on nuclear terrorism and the need to strengthen international cooperation against terrorism and the threat of nuclear traffickers also will contribute to a high level of awareness,” Mr Gill said.

“We hope that the summit of nuclear material, radioactive sources, associated facilities and technologies to strengthen security, legal, institutional and enforcement measures would help bolster,” he said.

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