At Krishi Unnati Mela PM Modi said to Farmer, Save Water, Diversify Crops, and Take up Allied Jobs to boost their income

Back-to-back hitting by drought with at agricultural output, today Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for measures to save water, asking farmers to increase their income through crop diversification and focus on dairy, poultry and food processing like to go for allied activities.

At the event of three-day Inauguration ‘Krishi Unnati Mela’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said since from may 2014 when they are come to power several initiatives for agriculture growth, including introduction of a new insurance scheme and giving soil health cards to farmers has taken by his Government two doubling farmer income by 2022.

He even eastern states, through the adoption of modern technology, there is enough water and fertile land for second green revolution gave a clarion call.

“Water harvesting is the importance of conserving water as much. We did not have the right to waste water. More crop per drop of how we can do that,” Modi said.

To conserve water The Prime Minister spoke of funds from MNREGA programme which will be utilized this summer for creation of assets such as ponds.

“About MNREGA, many discussions take place, but no asset has been created. This government is emphasising… during this summer in every village, one work should be done through MNREGA and that is desilting of ponds, deepening of ponds and creating new ones. In this Budget, the government is aiming at 5 lakh ponds,” PM Modi said.

By Attacking opposition parties the Prime Minister said: “all projects and programmes started when they were in power. You would be surprised to know that as much as 90 projects which are full of water like dams have been built, but there is no way to provide water to farmers.”

He added: “Now, my government is working to provide water from these projects and once it is completed, around 80 lakh hectares will get water. And once water reaches there, you all can think how much that land will give us back.”

Putting a premium on water conservation to raise farm productivity and income, PM Modi said the government has identified 90 stuck irrigation projects which can irrigate 80 lakh hectares. The government is spending Rs. 20,000 crore to boost irrigation projects.

For the good part, the Prime Minister emphasized on micro and drip irrigation liquid manure as well as reducing the cost of production and increase farmers’ income.

He also suggest “Food processing is the best way to increase the farmers’ income,”

Continue with their regular farming activity, beside to adopt animal husbandry, grow timber and go for value addition and processing asking by The Prime Minister to farmers.

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